November 3, 2015 Stephen Russell

Qatar Exposed

We’ll get this up on its own page eventually, but here’s the ITUC’s excellent interactive film archive of recent Qatar investigations, Qatar Exposed.

With Qatar restricting access to the country’s construction workforce and the labour camps they live in, it’s been difficult to learn about the conditions in the country. With the help of brave locals, the ITUC have managed to put together a series of short films showing what it’s really like to be a worker trapped by Qatar’s oppressive kafala¬†work-sponsorship system. Tales of injury, poverty and tragic death show the terrible flipside of Qatar’s glitzy World Cup dream.

Rather than giving us one long film, Qatar Exposed is a collection of short pieces and interviews that you can navigate round in any order you want. There are over 20 stories, allowing you to appreciate not only the horror and sadness of some people’s experiences, but also the awful fact that these are fare from isolated cases.