The weekend of October 15th is a chance for you, as a football supporter, to make a clear statement that the game you love should not be dirtied by Qatar’s callous attitude to the workers helping prepare the country to host the World Cup. It’s only by raising our voices as fans, here and around the world, that we can start to rattle the confidence of FIFA, its sponsors and Qatar itself that as the World Cup approaches all we’ll care about is football, and not the human price that was paid for it.

The more fans we get raising their voice that weekend, the more concerned they’ll be.

Whether you’re helping as part of an organised supporters’ group, an individual or with friends, or a recreational weekend player, we can send you posters or a supporters’ pack to help you tell Qatar to play by the rules, or you can download printable posters from our site.

Email for materials or to ask any questions, or tweet @playfairqatar

A group of fans from Chelsea Supporters' Trust join the campaign

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust members, & the Chair of Man U’s Trust, support the campaign in front of Fulham Broadway Tube

Supporters’ Groups

If you run a supporter’s trust or association, or any group representing organised fans, we’d love to work with you. Through our partnership with the Football Supporters’ Federation, we’re reaching out to the activists of football to make a stand and show FIFA that fans won’t allow it to drag football’s name through the mud.

All we’re asking is that groups promote and hold a brief photo action outside their home stadium for a few minutes before the game.  We’ll send along some extra fans from our other networks.

And members…

Keep a look out for publicity from your group to see if anything’s being arranged. If it’s not, you can still participate as an individual – or even ask your group to get involved.


Can you and your friends help us out with a quick and easy action? If you’re attending a live game over 15/16th October – at any level at all – please contact us for a supporters’ pack and take part in our action before the game. You can then send your images to and we’ll feature them on social media and our website.

If you’d rather take the DIY angle, you can print Playfair Qatar signs in black & white or colour.

When you’ve taken the pictures, email them to or tweet them using #playfairqatar

Players in Man U and Preston NE kit hold up a "Qatar: Play by the Rules" sign

Supporters teams from PNE and MUFC back Playfair Qatar


Do you play football at the weekends?

If you play in a Saturday or Sunday side, please get your team mates to join you in telling Qatar to clean up its act. Fortunately, no one needs to die to put on a game in the park, but a show of support from those that play there will help us make a powerful statement.

A photo action takes a couple of minutes – contact us for some of our A2 signs, or print smaller ones yourself in black & white or colour.

When you’ve taken the pictures, email them to or tweet them using #playfairqatar

Confirmed events

In partnership with fan groups, we’ll be holding some key meet ups around the country. If they’re not for teams you support and you want to take part, we can support you taking action yourself: just get in touch.

All the actions are either formally supported or promoted by appropriate supporters’ groups (all dates Saturday 15th unless marked). Check if there’s something happening at your own club and RSVP now.

Confirmed so far:

Arsenal v Swansea at 2.15pm, Armoury shop cannons, Emirates Stadium

Bournemouth v Hull City at 1.15pm, The Percy Shelley, Bournemouth

Cardiff City v Bristol City at 7.00pm, Friday 14th, Cardiff City Stadium

Chelsea v Leicester at 11:45am, Fulham Broadway

Liverpool v Manchester United 7:15pm, Monday 17th, Anfield

Manchester City v Everton time TBC, Etihad Stadium

Newcastle v Brentford time 1.30pm meet under the Chinese Arch nr The Irish Centre, St James’ Park

Barnsley v Fulham  time & place TBC, 15th Oct.

More details and events will appear here as we firm up actions.

The FSF logo - a white silhouette of a football on a green and black background

The logo of our partners, the Football Supporters’ Federation