Video: Foul Play

While Qatar, one of the world’s richest countries, puts on the most lavish and expensive World Cup in history, the workers are putting their lives on the line for poverty pay. Qatar’s laws kept workers from walking away from danger, but did nothing to protect them. This film explored the grossly one-sided nature of Qatar’s worker-boss relationship through a game of football.
In November 2017, Qatar agreed to a programme of fundamental reform of its labour laws to end these sort of abuses.

About Playfair Qatar

Playfair Qatar brings together football fans, unions and human rights groups to push for an end to World Cup slavery. In November 2017 the Government of Qatar agreed to a package of reforms designed to address the abuses described here.

In 2022 Qatar will host the World Cup, taking the tournament to the Middle East for the first time. This has sparked a major construction frenzy in the world’s richest country as it prepares to host its most glamorous event to date. Unfortunately, for the workers building World Cup stadiums in Qatar, the reality is far from glamorous…

Stats board


confirmed deaths of workers from just Nepal, India and Bangladesh in 2012-2014. That was almost 40 deaths a month. The true figure is much higher.  


the estimated worker death toll by the time the Qatar World Cup starts in 2022 – if nothing is done to stop it.


the daily rate in GBP (£) of some construction workers. Others have reported not being paid anything for months at a time.


percentage of low-income migrants, in Qatar, that have reported having their passports confiscated.

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Hundreds of fans across the country helped us to raise awareness of the abuse of migrant workers building infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup by sending a clear message to Qatar. Thanks to everyone who did - it looks like it was all worth it!